Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff... Da-Dum Tish

This is a meta-joke. This joke makes fun of jokes that end with the jokester making the noise of two drum beats and then a cymbal (which is sometimes called a rim-shot). Jokes that end in that manner often have a weak punchline, and this joke doesn't have a traditional punchline at all.

I suppose that if two drums and a cymbal really fell off a cliff in the correct manner they could make that noise, however this joke is not really that funny.


  1. This is a hilourious joke to use at the end of someone else's bad joke.

    1. I agree to that, but then the humor is derived from the fact that the jokester is making fun of the person that told the original joke - it is like saying "your joke was so bad that no-one even understood that it was actually a joke, so I am going to point that fact out to everyone"


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