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2020 summed up in 5 memes

Since it is the last day of 2020, I decided to do a series of "2020 summed up" memes for today. There were a lot of choices to pick from, but these resonated with me personally. Please link to any memes that you find that are better in the comments, and I will explain them too. This meme is funny because it indicates that the person that posted it has spent the entire year inside wearing a mask and drinking while complaining about the year. This is funny in a sad-but-true way. This meme is funny because the way that the person is drinking from the mug would be painful. People getting hurt is funny, so that is part of the humor. The indication is that the year 2020 was also painful. Adding the caption adds some sarcasm to the meme, which is the rest of the humor. In this meme, the knight seems like he is protected from everything, but gets killed by an arrow going through the one single place that he is not protected. This is ironic because that level of protection should have

Twisted tea, and "who would win" memes

  This is an example of a "who would win" meme, which is usually a meme where two things are listed, and the one that is less imposing or smaller is usually the one that wins due to the fact that the audience knows something unusual about the two things when compared to each other. This is an example of humor based on unexpected things happening. This particular instance of this meme is a joke based on a current event - Apparently there was a video where some jerk got hit in the face with a can of twisted tea after making a racist remark, and people are excited about it right now, so they made a meme because of that. As is usual for this meme template, the humor in this meme is that you would expect a 'crazy boi' to easily be able to beat some 'spicy tea', but in this instance, the answer is that the tea would win, since in the video the tea is smashed into the face of the 'crazy boi' Here are a few other instances of the meme: As you can see, in each

Guess I'll die meme

  This is a "guess I'll die" meme. The humor of a "guess I'll die" meme is usually due to the fact that the person in the caption is giving up in the face of a problem that is not particularly insurmountable. The defeatist attitude can be funny if presented in a humorous way. In this particular instance of the meme, the the person decides that dying is preferable to calling someone. There are a lot of people that don't like calling people, so many people can sympathize with the feelings presented in the meme. That makes it funny in a sort of self-deprecating way. Here is another instance of the meme: In this one the person is giving up on life because no-one seems to care if they live or die. It is a bit dark, however if that were all that it took to make someone despair of life, it is sort of funny. The magnitude of the reaction is not commensurate with the magnitude of the trigger.

What did you get for Christmas?

  This is the best Christmas meme I could find - I suppose that it qualifies as a sarcastic Christmas meme (if such a thing exists). There are multiple layers of humor here - one is the misunderstanding that occurs between the two people talking. The first was asking "What presents were you given for Christmas", but the second person answered instead "how did Christmas effect you". Misunderstandings are humorous, so this is funny. The second layer is that obesity is considered funny by many people, so the huge cat picture, and the blatant reference to getting fat is pretty funny. Christmas is a time that people tend to gain weight, so this actually is a reasonable thing to say even if it is a bit silly.

they call me 007 meme

The humor in this meme is that the number 007 is being used here in an unexpected way. 007 is usually used to refer to the spy James Bond, who is considered to be a cool and skillful person, however in this meme, it apparently means that the person is a lazy worker. So, this is self denigrating humor. As a side note, if your lunch break were normally an hour long, 7 lunch breaks means that you would only be working 1 hour out of an 8 hour shift. That sounds like my kind of a job ;)

Pathetic meme

This meme is generally used to point out when someone is feeling prideful about something. The character in the meme is Principal Skinner from the Simpsons tv show, and he is looking down upon something that is off screen. That being said, this meme can also use other images with the same caption In this instance, the joke refers to the feeling of superiority that one gets when noticing that they have made a more popular meme than someone else. It is poking fun at that feeling, and pointing out that it is prideful. I don't think that this was supposed to be funny - instead it seems like commentary on people's behavior, however if I had to come up with a reason why it is funny, that reason would be because it is making fun of the person that is feeling superior, and pointing out how petty it is.


This is a meme that has been around for a while - generally all that the memester does is puts an explanation of a situation above this image, and then posts it. The situation is usually a situation where someone is made aware of something suddenly, but it might also be a situation where something suddenly becomes more urgent suddenly, or arrives suddenly. In this particular instance, the thing that is being pointed out is that hand sanitizer makes one aware of the cuts that are on their hands that they didn't remember about when they started to apply it (due to the stinging sensation of the cuts as they enter the open wound.) This is a unfortunate occurrence, so this probably qualifies as a joke about misfortune.

Let that sink in meme

Warning: this post contains hyperbole. Don't read it if you are too stupid to know what that means.  This is a meme, and also a pun. The humor in this meme is twofold. First I'll talk about the pun: "Let that sink in" is a colloquial phrase that means "Take a moment to think about that so that you will be able to understand it". Another interpretation of the phrase could mean "I want you to allow that sink to be able to come inside". This meme uses both of those interpretations of the phrase, the first being written before the second. It is a humorous juxtaposition of the two meanings. The second thing that is funny about this is the absolutely awful quality of the image editing used to create this meme. It is really truly horrific, and that it about the funniest thing ever.

There are no words in the English language...

“There are no words in the English language that have all the vowels in alphabetical order,” he said facetiously. This is a short story with a funny ending. The joke here is that the guy said in a teasing way that something didn't exist, but then the joke proved that it does exist by listing one example of it immediately after. What adds to the humor is that the story has no obvious reason for existing, but it doesn't display any other tell-tale signs of being a joke, so it will probably confuse the listener for a while before they catch on to it, and figure out the joke.

Why the heck did they name them 'Soldier ants'...

Why the heck did they name them 'Soldier ants' and not 'Combatants'?

Q: What do you get when you cross an airplane with a magician?

Q: What do you get when you cross an airplane with a magician? A: A flying sorcerer.


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