Weird fish meme

I think that I have met my match. I have no idea why this is so funny.

I laugh, but I don't understand.

Bear with me as I try and figure this out.

It might be because the guy looks so sad about this fish, and because I am sympathising with him.

It might be because the fish looks so dopey - like a big fat stupid person.

It might be because the caption is describing an absurd situation that wouldn't ever happen in my life.

It might be because the image of the guy is shown from two different angles, which gives you a fuller impression of what he is doing, while still showing you his face close up.

It might be because of the clothing that the guy is wearing (who would handle a fish in a dressy shirt?)

It might be because the guy has a silly hair cut - reminding me of something out of the eighties, but with less hair product.

It might be because the caption has no punctuation and poor spelling, and thus makes me feel superior to the person that made the meme.

Honestly, those together don't even explain it, but after I wrote them I am no longer laughing at this meme.

If you know why this is so funny, please tell me, because I still am not sure.



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