What's black and white with 16 wheels?

Q: What's black and white with 16 wheels?
A: A zebra riding on Rollerblades

This joke is a hard one to classify. I highly doubt that anyone would find it very funny, but perhaps that is because I need someone to explain it to me. This joke is in a class of jokes where the jokester sets up a riddle that is so vague that there could be any number of answers, but then arbitrarily chooses one absurd answer as the "correct" one.

A zebra riding on rollerblades would be black and white and have 16 wheels if the rollerblades were black and white and had 4 wheels a piece.

On the other-hand a tractor trailer viewed in monochrome, a set of four albinos in tuxedoes on black skateboards, or 16 gorillas on white unicycles would also fit the bill. Perhaps the goal is to come up with the shortest answer that fulfills the necessary requirements?

Reader feedback would perhaps help me out on this one. I might be missing something here. 



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